Bridesmaid Gift Guide: Thoughtful Presents for Your Bridal Party

Bridesmaid Gift Guide

Bridesmaid Gift Guide: Thoughtful Presents for Your Bridal Party

No matter what your love language is—you me and everyone else—we all love getting gifts. Yet all gifts are not created equal, which begs a very important question: What makes a gift a good gift?

We think we’ve cracked the code and can’t wait to share what we’ve found!

If you’re in the market for the perfect bridesmaid gift and want to convey your gratitude the right way by giving your wedding party something they’ll cherish, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes a Thoughtful Gift?

Before diving into our examples, we feel it prudent to define the criteria that takes a good gift and makes it great. Here are some key elements that make a gift thoughtful:

  • It’s meaningful
  • It holds some significance
  • It’s useful
  • It’s practical
  • It’s beautiful

Bonus points for any one-of-a-kind piece accompanied by a sincere note, or engraved with something relevant. It doesn’t have to be a tangible item either, it could be a service like a mani-pedi, or a full-on pampering spa sesh.

Perfect Presents for Your Bridal Party

Alright. Now that we’ve established what makes a gift thoughtful, let’s look at it from the perspective of a bride showing appreciation for her support team.

To find something special and perfect for your ladies, think about the details of your big day. Are there any gifts that you could give that are useful and meaningful during the big day itself, and still practical for other situations or events that span far beyond your wedding?

If you have a destination wedding for example, the perfect gift could tie in and be something useful for the trip, like matching flip-flops with monogrammed towels and totes.

As you read through this guide, think about your big day—your bridesmaids—and let your instincts lead.

Etsy and Amazon are great sources to find one-of-a-kind pieces, and we love this site for everything bridesmaid related. From dresses to gifts,  they’ve got it all—including a lot of what we’re featuring here.


Your bridesmaids have closets fully stocked with skirts, shirts, and pants galore, but we’re willing to bet there’s something missing:  A gorgeous satin robe.

This is a gift she’ll delight in, and use again and again. Just think, all of you lounging about with a glass of bubbly in matching silky robes. That’s a moment to aspire to, it’s decadent and appealing.

Small Cosmetic Cases Fully Stocked

From cosmetics to lotions, chapstick, scent sticks and more. A small pouch stocked with some high-quality products makes an excellent and fun gift.

The pouch can be personalized with each of your bridesmaids’ names, and you can include whatever you like inside. Product’s you’re loving, a little delicate compact mirror, even hand cut soap from a vendor at your local farmer’s market.


This gift makes an excellent twofer. Not because there are two shoes to a pair, but because you can give the gift of the shoes you want your bridesmaids’ to wear for the wedding ceremony.

Alternatively, give the gift of comfy slides they can slip into for a little relief during the later hours of the reception. Even slippers—everyone always loves slippers, and most people are overdue for a brand new pair.


Jewelry is traditionally given as a gift to mark an important occasion, and cheers to you, this one’s a biggie!

Simple elegant engraved pieces make excellent gifts, as do necklaces and earrings, which your bridesmaids can don for the ceremony, and appreciate and cherish long after the celebration.


Candles make excellent all-round gifts, mostly because everyone loves them, but not everyone splurges on them. Create your own custom scent and label, or opt for the natural incredible scent of a pure beeswax candle.


Photo Book

Most brides have many fun pre-wedding shenanigans with their bridesmaids. An excellent way to hold on to the memories, and also sharing your love and appreciation for each and every bridesmaid, is to create a custom photo album. Fill it with snapshots and blurbs of all the good times you shared.


Engraved Leather Totes

This is an incredibly thoughtful gift, and something your bridesmaids will use on the wedding day and beyond. An engraved leather tote personalized for each of your bridesmaids is a practical and stylish way for them to keep track of their things on the wedding day.

Etsy has some gorgeous high-quality options, and if you don’t want to splurge on leather, durable canvas is an excellent option as well.


When giving gifts, it’s always good to lead from the heart. Be thoughtful, and don’t forget to include a handwritten note that conveys your appreciation and gratitude, and be prepared for warm hugs and happy tears.